Most People Are Willing To Relocate For A Job...

In my experience, there are a lot of people (myself included) who love living in Minnesota. You might be in that group too- but if an unbelievable career opportunity came up in another state, would you consider moving? A new survey suggests, you would, BUT we're less likely than most...

While most people look for jobs close to home, it seems a lot of people would be open to moving for the perfect gig. In fact, a new poll finds that 62% of Americans would be open to relocating for a job, As for why, there are a whole host of reasons. 

The survey by Robert Half finds that the biggest motivator to relocate is better pay/perks, with 44% of respondents saying that’s the top reason to move for a new gig. Other reasons include:

  • Family/personal reasons (17%)

  • Cost of living (16%)

  • Career advancement (16%)

  • Weather (6%)

The poll also finds that folks in Raleigh, North Carolina are the most willing to relocate for a job, followed by Miami and Des Moines, Charlotte, and Los Angeles and Seattle. On the flipside, workers in Minneapolis are least likely to move for a gig followed by Boston and Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta.

Source: Robert Half

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