"Minnesota & Chill" - My Favorite "Binge Worthy" Shows

You should just be inside, it's that kind of cold....even for Minnesotans. So here is a list of shows & their trailers to watch.

This is the best time to catch up with Game Of Thrones! Even if you have never watched an episode, you have until April for the final season. I found pretty much up through season 7 on YouTube. By the way, WINTER HAS COME damn it!

Recently I got hooked on "Ballers" from HBO! Dwayne the Rock Johnson in his world after the NFL as a financial adviser, has a great mix of comedy, drama, problems & resolutions....for just a moment, and it's set mostly in Miami and L.A.  Did you see that? Miami and L.A.!!!!! You will feel a little warmer just looking at warm weather on TV.

Here's two "Must Watch" shows for you! Bloodline & Ozark

After hearing people talk about The Good Place, I gave it a try. I love this show!! Funny and sweet!

I know this is from a couple of years ago, but the original season of True Detectives is fantastic! Woody Harrelson & Mathew McConaughey are so damn good!!

Guilty pleasure has to be The Ranch on NETFLIX! This is a "I have some things to do while watching a show" kind of show, but damn I do love it.

This is great for couples to watch! The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Prime.

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