High-Tech Breastfeeding Device For Dads - There' An App For That

A new breastfeeding device for DADS just debuted at South by Southwest. And it's a lot more high-tech than the ones we've seen before . . . kind of like if a robot had boobs. Except there's only one nipple, and the other boob is just a tank for the milk. It's called the Father's Nursing Assistant, and you strap it to your chest. It doesn't look like the real thing, but apparently feels similar to a baby. And it can also sense when your kid falls ASLEEP. Then it shoots that info to an app, so you can track sleeping and feeding patterns. A company in Japan came up with it. It's not clear when they'll go on sale, or how much they'll cost. But the idea is to take pressure off of moms, and give dads a new way to bond with their babies.

Full Info Here http://www.dentsu.com/news/release/2019/0307-009770.html



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