Reba McEntire Shares Career Misstep That She Regrets

Reba McEntire’s career spans over four decades, and although she has had chart-topping success, played sold-out shows worldwide, and achieved dozens of accolades for her work in TV, film, and Broadway, the redheaded icon has revealed that she has made a few mistakes along the way.

In an interview with Billboard, Reba shared that she regrets not trusting her instinct on a few occasions. "There was a time that I [covered Beyoncé’s] 'If I Were a Boy. We had done that for [Unplugged on CMT in 2010], and the record label really wanted me to record it and put it out as a single. I didn’t feel real good about it. It wasn’t that successful. The people in the music industry, they’re professionals, and sometimes you have to go with the team. It just didn’t work out."

Reba credits her longevity and success to consistency in her honest approach. "The Reba brand stands for quality, integrity, honesty, entertainment, comfort," shared Reba. "Everything I do, it has to be honest. The fans know when it goes a little left or right or not the way I would want it. We try new things, we experiment, and we keep going back to what is true."

Reba has shared that her ‘Stronger Than The Truth’ album anchor’s her to her country roots. Check it out at

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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