Online Debate - Is It Cool To Eat Stranger's Leftovers At Restaurant?

Ever walked past a table at a restaurant where the people just left and debated whether to grab a handful of the fries they barely even touched?

There's a debate online right now about whether or not it's cool to eat a stranger's leftovers off a table at a restaurant. There's even a term for that: "Free-range mooching."

The big pros: Free food . . . you cut down on the insane amount of food waste at restaurants . . . and it's not as gross as, say, eating food out of a dumpster.

The big cons: You have to tuck ALL your germophobe tendencies away . . . it's not socially acceptable and it could be embarrassing if people see you . . . and since it could be a liability issue for restaurants, they could kick you out if they catch you.

So after all that . . . would you do some free-range mooching? And if the answer is yes, are there some foods where you'd draw the line, like soup or half a milkshake? (OK Whatever)

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