Lay's Potato Chips Announces New Flavor Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Ahh... Fall is officially here and that means the best comfort food! I'm talking about grilled cheese and tomato soup! It's so good when you dip the grilled cheese in the soup... okay, now I'm getting hungry! If you're a grilled cheese and tomato soup fan like I am, now you can have them whenever you want, according to Delish!

If you know Lay's Potato Chips, then you know their flavors are pretty spot on! I am really interested to see how these chips taste when they are available for a limited time nationwide on Monday, October 21. Oh wait... could you imagine putting these chips inside of a grilled cheese? That would seem like perfection! Good news, it will only cost $3.49 for a 7.75 oz bag.

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