Sleep Naked? What It Says About You & Story About Why I Don't! Anymore.


According to a new survey, people who sleep in the nude are more likely to stay up late -- while those who sleep in pajamas are more likely to hit the sack early.

Nude sleepers also rank their self-confidence just a bit lower than those who wear jammies to bed. (New York Post)

  • The issue is mostly comfort, isn’t it? You want to be cool enough and warm enough to get through the night without waking up.
  • Then again, there’s the issue of sweat. If you wear pajamas, you only have to wash those pajamas. Sleeping in the nude means you have to wash your sheets more often, doesn’t it?
  • The survey also found that 24% of pajama-wearers admit to being afraid of accidentally being seen naked. Is this you? Is this why you don’t sleep in the nude?
  • Do you and your significant other deal with this differently? One in the nude and the other wearing something? Is this awkward at all?

I would rather sleep naked but we have kids and a dog (Walter) that always need to go outside in the overnight/early morning. I once locked myself outside....naked! We just got a new sliding-glass door, I wasn't yet familiar with how the lock worked on the door. Walter (5am) needed to go out, started to bark, I went outside just steps on the back deck, and "CLICK"! Now I'm outside...NAKED...with a barking dog that is drawing attention to his naked-ass owner!!! I had to grab lawn-chair cushion that surprisingly doesn't cover as much as you think, sneak around to the front of the house and to the garage door. Let me tell you, you never know how long your garage door takes to open after you put in the code.....NAKED!!!!


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