Minnesota Fire Officials Are Expecting An Increase In Fireworks Injuries

With many fireworks displays being canceled because of COVID-19, state authorities are expecting many Minnesotans to do their own displays, and therefore expecting a lot of more injuries because of it.

According to WCCO:

If you do use fireworks or participate in a neighborhood show, authorities are asking the public to remember:
-Use fireworks responsibly, especially around children. Kids mimic adult behavior.
-If it flies or explodes, it’s illegal in Minnesota.
-Fireworks can be disruptive to neighbors and frightening to pets.
-Use fireworks outdoors, far from property and crowds.
-Don’t let children or animals run through the area where fireworks are being set off. They could step on a spent firework that is still hot.
-Sparklers can cause serious burns. Consider glow sticks or light-up wands as an alternative.
-Use a long lighter meant for a gas grill to light fireworks.
-Do not try to re-light a dud. Ever.
-Soak used fireworks in water and leave them outside overnight before discarding into trash containers.

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