Mountain Dew Is Coming Out With A Raspberry Lemonade Flavored Dew

Mountain Dew has come a long ways from the original Dew to Livewire to the 50 flavors. Now Mountain Dew is coming out with another new flavor, according to Delish.

Thankfully all of the Super America's here in Minnesota are now Speedway's because Mountain Dew's new flavor is a Speedway exclusive, according to the Instagram account @dadbodsnacks! The account posted a photo on their Instagram with the caption, "Coming Exclusive to @speedwaystores gas stations (or so I’ve heard) is the NEW Spark @mountaindew!! Don’t get too hyped, its just raspberry lemonade Mountain Dew, but at the same time, I’m HYPED cuz I love raspberry lemonade and Mountain Dew. LOL. Pic and info credit to Jakethesnake3685 on Reddit for grabbing one fresh off the assembly line."

Keep your eyes peeled for this new Mountain Dew flavor exclusively at Speedway stores!

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