MLB's New Feature Will Allow Fans To Cheer Or Boo From Their App

Over the past couple of days some MLB exhibition games have been televised on national TV and we got a taste of what the season will look and sound like. To me, watching the Cubs vs White Sox game on ESPN on Sunday it felt like it was missing an element and that would be the fans. They are the ones who make the moments bigger than they are. So, MLB is testing a new innovation that will allow fans to control the sounds in the stadium!

According to Darren Rovell on Twitter, a new innovation from Major League Baseball will allow fans to cheer or boo in their app, ballpark staff can then match that up with the volume in the stadium.

I think this would be so cool but wouldn't the reaction be delayed a couple of seconds? Also, with the Astros being cheaters I can only assume that trolls and baseball fans will just keep booing the Astros on the app! You can check out the details of the app below!

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