Buffalo Wild Wings Hired MLB Beer Vendors to Sell You Beer

Not only are the sights and smells of a baseball game memorable but so are the sounds! There's nothing like in the 3rd inning hearing a man yell, "BEER HERE!" and then you pay $11 for it!

Baseball is back with pumped-in crowd noise that you control virtually from home. And some people are excited to try it out. I used it yesterday and I used the boo button a lot! But THIS a fun idea from Buffalo Wild Wings!

Buffalo Wild Wings has hired actual beer vendors from Major League stadiums to walk around its restaurants, and make it feel like you're watching the game live, according to FSR Magazine.

They started doing this yesterday at one location in D.C., with plans to do it in other cities around the country later on. Here's to hoping they'll do it here in Minnesota! I wouldn't mind have the ballpark feel without the ballpark prices for beer! Buffalo Wild Wings released a video for this, and you can check it out below!

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