Tim McGraw: Tom Hanks Acts Out 'One Of The Most Moving Scenes' Of '1883'

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill teamed up to portray the Dutton family in the highly-anticipated drama 1883 — and McGraw just revealed what he considers to be “one of the most moving scenes in the show.”

The country music power couple works alongside a star-studded cast, including guest stars. Some of their best friends, fellow husband-and-wife duo Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, are among the guests to confirm appearances on the show. Wilson has yet to guest star on 1883, and Hanks guest starred in the second episode as U.S. Civil War General George Meade. Speaking with his record label, McGraw reflected on working with close “family friends,” and shared which of Hanks’ scenes has been one of the most moving ones in the series so far:

“It was pretty spectacular for Tom Hanks to show up and do the scene. We’ve been friends for such a long time. We’re family friends forever. Our kids are friends, Faith and Rita are best friends, and so to ask him to do this scene and he says, ‘Sure, I’ll be there. Tell me when,’ was just so incredible. To me it was one of the most moving scenes in the show. And it starts with an original picture from the battleground scene. You find out that I was a Captain in the Civil War and I had a lot of PTSD from that. No matter how good of friends you are and how well you know someone, when you’re sitting there in a scene that’s that emotional and you see Tom Hanks walk up in a Union uniform, and look at you and say, ‘Captain.’ And then he just sat beside me and he puts his hand on my shoulder and he goes, ‘I know.’ I just fell apart. That’s somebody that knows what they’re doin’. He was just really good.”

1883 “follows the Dutton family [including McGraw as James Dutton and Hill as Margaret Dutton] on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of uncolonised America,” its synopsis reads. McGraw and Hill star alongside Sam Elliott, Isabel May and others. The Paramount+ series serves as a prequel to Yellowstone, which focuses on a “ranching family in Montana (as they face) off against others encroaching on their land.” McGraw previously said the role is “truly a dream job.”

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