This Building Was Just Declared The Ugliest In Minnesota

Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum

Photo: Getty Images

While there are countless examples of breathtaking architecture in the United States —the Empire State Building, the White House, that big wicker basket in Ohio, to name a few— not every building can be a winner. Some are even a bit unsightly.

Travel A Lot recently took a look at the most... questionable buildings each state has to offer in order to compile a list of the ugliest buildings in every state. Ironically, The Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis was named the biggest eyesore in Minnesota (why do I feel sorry for it?). Here's what they had to say about the building:

"What is it with art museums being some of the ugliest buildings in existence? Considering what they house, you’d think they would go for, oh, I don’t know, a beautiful look. This aluminum foil monstrosity looks like something a five-year-old would design.The building was designed by a world-famous architect, which is always a bad sign because they clearly can't be trusted to create beautiful buildings. However, credit where credit is due--this thing would be a nightmare to design with the aid of computers, but it was actually created before computer-aided design came to the world of architecture."

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