Rescue Team Rushes 100 Miles To Save Dog Stuck In Pipe, Refuses Payment

My black lab Winnie LOVES playing fetch. I can't imagine how helpless it would feel to not be get her out of a situation like this.

A couple of months ago we had been outside and didn't notice that the dog wasn't in the house. When I went back out to the garage I heard whimpering. I park close to the side of the garage and she had probably crawled under my car from the wall side and was stuck. There was no room to grab her from the side so I had to use my floor jack to raise the car so that she could stand up and walk out. Luckily she was far enough away from the hot exhaust pipes and heat shields. It was very emotional.

When the dog's owner tried to pay, they wouldn't accept it, despite their long 100 mile journey.

Awesome work here by this team!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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