7 Safety Tips For Voting In Person Today

It's obviously on everyone's mind. How to safely vote during a pandemic.

I voted last week. And I invited my 9 year old son so that he could see the process. I saw at least one other kid there. To me it was important that he see what's happening there because I don't think he remember the last election. Most of the time was spent outside with very minimal time inside.

So many people have voted in the last couple of months that perhaps it will alleviate the crowds for Election Day, today.

Here are the tips for staying safe while voting.

1. Try to spend most of your wait outdoors. 

2. Vote at a less busy time of day. 

3. Don't bring anyone who doesn't need to be there like your kids. (Oops)

4. Choose your mask carefully. Maybe you want to bust out the N-95 mask you've been saving

5.Bring your own blue or black pen. 

Find the rest of the tips here.

Thanks to CNN

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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