4 Super Helpful Websites You've Never Heard Of

I tend to go to the same websites a lot. And most of them are store websites, that save me time by seeing if a store carries an item and makes sure it's in stock.

So here are a few websites that I am now super eager to try.

1. MyFridgeFood.com. Enter ingredients that you have and the site will suggest recipes that you can make with them

2. RunPee. It's an app that analyzes movies to tell you the best time to take a bathroom break. I guess this way you don't have to press pause and make everyone else wait.

3. WornOnTV.net. If you are watching a show and see someone wearing an outfit that you love, it tells you where you can buy it

4.GetHuman.com. Type in the name of a company and it will give you a number to call to get an actual human on the line. Or the sequence of buttons to push in the phone menu.

There are a few more here.

Thanks to Buzzfeed

Photo credit: anyaberkut iStock

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