How To Host An Amazing Virtual Christmas Party

I was party of my family's Thanksgiving get together. It was ok. It could have been a little bit better with these tips. I wish I had seen this about a month ago.

1. Send out invites. Make sure you know what platform is being used and make sure older and help less tech-savvy family members figure out how to be online.

2. Have an agenda. Have a log on time and consider playing a game or or having another fun activity.

3. Keep it short. You could have the party while you're eating dinner or opening presents. Experts recommend not doing both.

4. Know where the mute button is. Background noises kill these things just like work meetings.

5. Be sure to take pics or screenshots to remember the crazy year of 2020.

There is more advice on these websites.

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Photo credit: Scott Heins Getty Images News

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