Amazon Has Some Ugly New Delivery Vans That Make An Alien Sound

Amazon recently launched a new delivery van that makes this crazy alien sound when it rolls through a neighborhood.

So I guess my kids weren't excited enough to see these vans and drivers. Or to track their package containing a new phone case. Now they will have a Pavlovian response to hearing this sound. I guess it sounds like the future. Maybe slightly Disney-like. But if I had to listen to it all day, I think I might quit!

The real reason that there is a sound emitted from these new Rivian vehicles being tested in Los Angeles is because of a law that requires electric vehicles that go slower than 18.6 mph to make a sound. I suspect that there's not enough tire noise to warn pedestrians that it is coming.

According to FOX News, they plan to roll out 100,000 more of these vans in the next 2 years.

Photo credit: Bruce Bennett Getty Images News

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