5 Mistakes You've Been Making In The Kitchen, According To Chefs

Since the pandemic started, we've been cooking at home a lot. Unfortunately, we're not super adventurous and have been buying mostly things that are ready to be cooked. But once in a while we cook from scratch.

Here are some things we could all do differently to improve.

1. Using dull knives. You're actually more likely to cut yourself. And cutting with dull knives sucks.

2. Cutting vegetables unevenly. The more evenly they're cut, the more evenly they'll cook.

3. Leaving pots and pans to clean at the end. It can be overwhelming so try to clean a few as you use them.

4. Taste things as they're cooking so that if they're off, you'll have time to fix them.

5. Don't constantly open the oven to check food. It lets the heat out and then the oven basically has to preheat again.

More tips here.

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