6 Things That Always Seem To Go On Sale In March

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According to Reader's Digest, there are some things that always seem to go on sale in March. Just as sure as hot weather will return, these items will be discounted. But perhaps not for long, so you need to get on these right away. And of course nobody can say for sure when the pandemic related demand for these will be.

TVs - Eventually you will need to come inside on a hot day so you might as well be entertained.

Jewelry - Valentine's Day is now in the rear view mirror.

Winter Sports Gear - My son is asking for skis and goggles. I will attempt to predict is growth this year.

Frozen Food - I remember from my grocery store days that March is Frozen Food Month.

Mattresses - No matter what time of year it is, you ALWAYS need a good night's sleep

Grills - Is there a better item to have at your house in the summer months? I need to replace my 20 year old grill.

Find out why these are on sale and how long you might have before prices go back up here.

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