WATCH: Hero Grabs Guy's Leg To Stop Falling Backwards From Balcony

I had to watch this a couple of times because I thought it might be fake. If you watch closely, it appears that he has an object such as a phone in his hand that he doesn't drop. Also, at first I thought he moved his right foot. But this is too close of a disaster to be fake.

Apparently the guy falling had some sort of medical episode which caused him to fall backwards over the very short railing.

In America the building code requires that a railing be at least 36 inches high. I think the rail on my deck might be 42 inches to keep tall people like me from falling over.

The man has made a full recovery. I bet he won't be leaning backwards against a balcony railing anytime soon!

Photo credit: Eugenio Marongiu Cultura

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