Birthday Boy Les Paul Once Had The Greatest Line In A TV Commercial

Back in 1997, Coors was looking for a famous name to promote their beer and came up with an idea to incorporate Les Paul.

Paul is probably the most famous guitar player that many people are not familiar with even though they've been staring at his guitars in the hands of hundreds of guitar players for years. So that makes the pay off line of "It's on your guitar" that much better.

Paul said later that he had a choice of whether to promote Coors or Coors Light. He went with Coors, not realizing that sales of Coors Light were taking off.

Also interesting was his affiliation with Coors which was based in Colorado. Since Paul is from Waukesha, Wisconsin just outside of Milwaukee, a Miller product might have been more logical. Of course this was years before they were the same company.

Les Paul was born 106 years ago today. He died in August of 2009 at age 94.

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