3 Cleaning Things You Do That Are Making Your House Dirtier

We've all tried to find shortcuts to cleaning and tried to find ways to be more efficient with cleaning. But as it turns out, our best efforts can sometimes leave our homes dirtier than they were when we started. And that's the most inefficient cleaning of all.

  1. Overloading the dishwasher. I'm guilty of this BIG TIME. Modern dishwashers are actually smaller than the machines from 20 years ago. The tradeoff is that they are quieter. Sometimes I think I'm finding a great extra spot to wash a small plate. But because of the mechanics of the dishwasher and the fact that they use less water, your dishes can come out not clean.
  2. If a cleaning product can help clean up a mess, more must be a good thing. Again, I'm guilty here. Using too much of certain cleaning products can actually leave a residue which eventually attracts more dirt.
  3. Cleaning with a used sponge or rag. This can spread dirt in bacteria all over your kitchen or whatever area you're cleaning. I hate dish rags and sponges. I prefer to use a heavy paper towel so that I don't overuse it. Then it can be thrown away. But if you do like to use a sponge, I suggest microwaving it when it's damp to kill bacteria inside of it.

More cleaning tips and ways to NOT leave your house dirtier can be found here and here.

Courtesy of lifehacker

Photo Credit: Moyo Studio iStock

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