Have You Seen This Mind Blowing Self Checkout Hack?

A while back, my bank removed their coin counter. It was a convenient way to have all of my loose change consolidated so that I could use the money and at the same time not pay a fee just to have my coins counted.

Apparently when using the self check at Walmart and who knows how many other retailers, you can avoid depositing coins one at a time through a slot and lift a secret door to deposit multiple coins at the same time - kind of like those coin counting machines. I have so many coins in my car right now, especially pennies that I thought would take a long time to try to use.

I also have a ton of coins at home in a jar. I'm not sure if there is still a national coin shortage but if there is, we could probably at least partially fix it if everyone knew this hack.

The self check also can count bills separately when you place them on the bill tray.

I'm never going to forget the day I learned this!


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