SOLVED: Who Shot The Johnny Cash Water Tower?

Kingsland, Arkansas is like a lot of other small towns EXCEPT that it's the birthplace of Johnny Cash.

Their water tower has a silhouette of The Man In Black to celebrate the city as an historical landmark. But someone shot it so that it pees water on to the city below.

They figured whoever did it managed to get off a lucky shot. But now they've come to realize that it's the work or a sharpshooter who if convicted of a felony might be facing 16 years of time.

The serious part is that the city is losing about 30,000 gallons of water each day which in about 200 bucks daily. And the repair will cost about $5000 - a lot of money for a small town's budget.

Here's a local news story about it, complete with a bunch of Johnny Cash song title puns...

Photo credit: DANIEL JANIN AFP

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