9 Photos From Adam's Europe Vacation

Since my wife was already in London for work, I met her and the kids in Amsterdam and we had a week of fun!

It's weird to travel internationally by myself. For one thing, I've got nobody familiar to lean on when I fall asleep on the plane. Unfortunately I never really did fall asleep which made for a very long first day in Amsterdam. We saw so much though including the flower market, the canals, we took a canal tour and went to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. We also headed down to The Hague one day where we rented bikes.

Stop #2 was Cologne, Germany. The highlight was probably climbing to the top of the Cologne Cathedral. 500 and some steps later we nailed it. The food was amazing there as were the views along the Rhein River.

Photo credit: DANIEL SLIM AFP

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