What Irrational Fears Did You Have As A Kid?

We all worried about stuff as kids. Some of it was urban legend and some of it was based on some truth. Things like it will take 7 years for gum to exit if you swallow it. Or swimming after eating will make you cramp up and drown.

Huff Post has a bunch of these things we worried about as kids - some of which we still hold as true to this day.

Through a collection of tweets from readers they discovered that people still worry about the expense of things taken from a hotel minibar, going to bed with wet hair and having any pink in their steak. Also putting ink on your skin will poison you and having sweets before bed will give you nightmares.

Check out all the irrational fears here.

What did you worry about as a kid that still bothers you today for no good reason?

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Nisian Hughes Stone

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