WATCH: Dad Saves Toddler Daughter From Coyote Attack

Coyotes are everywhere and are less and less afraid of people. I saw a couple once while walking the dog late at night and didn't realize at the time that they were coyotes.

This little girl is on the other side of the family's SUV where the father can't see. Luckily he hears his daughter's screams after the coyote knocks her down and begins dragging her.

He was able to rescue his daughter and tried to scare away the coyote. After bringing the child in to her mother, the dad grabbed a piece of wood and began chasing it down the street.

The daughter will have to get rabies shots since the animal is at large and there's no way of knowing whether or not it has rabies.

Since there's an age restriction on this video, you may have to click a link.

Photo credit: mirceax iStock

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