Floppy Disk Sales Are HUGE Right Now

If you have a bunch of floppy disks, they might be worth money!

This guy resells them. In the video he says that often people will find an entire pallet of them in the back of a warehouse somewhere and are about to haul them to the dump before they contact him.

According to the video, Tim Persky is believed to be the last bulk floppy disk supplier. He says he sells about 500 disks a day.

Lots of industries rely on floppy disks apparently, including the tool and die industry, textiles and some aircraft. If they're 20 years old or so, they need floppy disks to input avionics. Let that sink in for a minute.

He appears to mostly have 3.5" hard floppys but he also shows off a giant flexible disc from the 1970s!

Photo credit: Adam West/iHeartMedia

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