UNUSUAL? Nicole Kidman's First Kiss Happened During This Movie

Was your first kiss while watching a movie? Mine was not. 

If yours was- do you remember the genre of movie were you watching? Romance, Rom-Com or maybe it was a comedy. None of those? Well, if your first kiss happened while watching a scary movie- you and Nicole Kidman have something in common.

NICOLE KIDMAN dropped some details on her first kiss in the new issue of "W" magazine. 

She said, quote, "This is crazy.  So I'm watching 'The Shining', can you believe it?  And we're playing hooky from school.  And I have my first kiss watching 'The Shining', is that not weird?  And . . . we did a few other things than just kiss too.  Don't ask."

Nicole didn't say how old she was, but if this happened when "The Shining" was in theaters, that would have been 1980, and she would have been around 13.  She's 49 now. 

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Amy James


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