Enjoy The Warm Weather While It Lasts, The Forecast Shows Up TWENTY INCHES OF SNOW Next Weekend!!!

WHAT?? Thought I'd share this. Saw it on our brother station, KFAN. Don't put your shovels away yet...

It's shaping up to be a gorgeously, warm weekend in the Twin Cities. In fact, we might set some records for warmth coming up here.

But don't get too excited and certainly don't pack up that snow gear and your snow blower quite yet. It's still winter here in Minnesota and according to the National Weather Service a "phenomenal" snow event is shaping up for next Friday and Saturday.

Early models for the end of next week are honing in on a 100% chance of precipitation based on a weather system that is presently hovering over the Aleutian Islands right now. That system is predicted to bring with it what would could be up to 2" of rain. Now here's the kicker...

Temperatures next weekend will be hovering right around 32 degrees for the high meaning that most of the day will be spent below freezing and most of that rain could come in the form of snow. A quick Quantitative Precipitation Forecast coupled with a rain-to-snow conversion rate of 1" of rain equal to 10" of snow and we could be on par to get up to TWENTY INCHES OF SNOW NEXT WEEKEND!

(Thanks AJ Mansour)

Amy James


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