PHOTOS: Amy James Weekend Recap

This weekend was BUSY! It all started with our monthly, Sister Dinner. We went to Sea Change in The Guthrie. My youngest sister, Toots, and I had never been there before- we loved it! Whenever we go out to eat, we share everything so we can try as many menu items as possible. Our favorite- the swiss chard tart. It's not in the picture- we devoured it before I had a chance to snap a pic : )

Saturday morning, it was unbelievably gorgeous! My neighbors joined me and Jeff for a big workout. This is a regular, Saturday occurrence in the spring and summer but NEVER in February. It's hard to imagine there's still more winter to come. 

If you read my story about the shoe fiasco last week, you knew buying new runners on the agenda. I visited the Running Room for the first time and couldn't believe how knowledgable they were! Why had I been ordering blindly online? Anyway, shoe issues, solved! After one wear, they're muddy as hell. 

Saturday night, we went to Benihana for my mother-in-law's birthday. 

I love eating there, but it's like sitting at a bonfire- afterwards, I need to wash my hair and everything I was wearing. Sitting in front of an open grill makes you smell like meat and fried rice.

Sunday night, I went to see The Combo at Bunkers and do some (not very good) dancing. I had so much fun I hardly moved yesterday...

Amy James


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