7 Things To Do In Your 30s That You May Wish You'd Done In Your 20s

Rosebud Baker, a contributor for elitedaily.com, shared a few things she's now doing in her 30s that she wishes she'd started doing in her 20s. Here's her list:

*Working out when I feel like it. (exercise is not a punishment)

*Being honest about sex.

*Leaving everyone alone (stop using the phrases "you need to" or "you should")

*Dating people who want to date me.

*Going to the dentist. (as often as your insurance allows)

That's a pretty solid list. I'm going to add a few of my own. Here are the things I'm doing in my 30s that I'd wish I'd done in my 20s:


*Cared less about what other people thought

*Started thinking of my parents as people who can give me good advice and have a mentorship role in my life and less like they're judging me or still my disciplinarians. (That was a hard one to admit.)

What would be on your personal list?

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