Mom Issues Warning About Homemade Slime After Daughter Suffers Burns.

YouTube’s latest fad is making slime at home. But playing with chemicals still needs caution.

Several videos show kids how to create their own goo out of Elmer’s glue, water and detergent. Depending on the detergent, kids need to know how much water to add or an injury could happen.

11-year-old Kathleen Quinn had just finished making the slime at the kitchen table when her hand started to burn. It turns out she did not have enough water in the mix and second and third degree burns were the result.

In her case, Quinn used Borax and that, if put on the skin too long after not being diluted will cause those burns.

The Elmer’s Glue people are both surprised an cautious about this craze and remind families to practice safe use. 

Source: CBS News

Amy James


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