Why Moms Should Chew Gum After A C-Section.

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Because I'm not a mom, there are all kinds of things I don't know about birthing process. This is definitely one of them...

New research shows new moms who give birth by C-section should be chewing gum every day after, at least until they pass wind, that is. It turns out, chewing gum three times a day for a half hour at a time can  help gut function get back to normal after surgery, which makes mamas  feel better faster.

Around one in five moms who have a C-section develop a condition called postoperative ileus, which means a woman’s normal bowel movements stop altogether. And that can leave her feeling sick, bloated, and in abdominal pain, according to study author Dr. Vincenzo Berghella.

This condition can happen after any stomach surgery and doctors think  it’s triggered by inflammation from opening up the abdomen. Eating is one way to ease the symptoms, but after a C-section, a lot of new moms  don’t want food. So that’s where the gum chewing helps, by tricking the  body into thinking it’s eating, which signals the gut to get back to normal.

And passing gas is the way docs know the bowels are working as they should be. So when researchers found that chewing gum made new mamas toot faster than without the gum, they found a cheap and easy way to  ease the new mothers’ discomfort sooner. 

Source: New York Post

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