Morning Clicks: 3 Things That Caught My Eye

CLICK ONE: George Clooney is a Dad


CLICK TWO: Is there anything coffee can’t do? 

Bill Murray And Andie MacDowell In 'Groundhog Day'

According to new research from the University of Sao Paolo, drinking coffee before working out actually helps you work out harder. The study found that participants that who were given the caffeine equivalent of four cups of coffee and asked to bike for 450 calories completed the task 3.3% faster than non-caffeinated athletes. Guess that means stopping at Starbucks before the gym is good for your health and not a waste of money! (Cosmo)      

CLICK THREE: The U.S. cities people mispronounce all the time. 

Nightlife in the city posted a list of U.S. cities people mispronounce all the time. 

1.  Boise, Idaho.  (BOY-see)  Most people say it like there's a "Z" in there.  And it's a pretty minor difference, but it's supposed to be pronounced with an "S" sound.

2.  Lafayette, Louisiana.  (LAH-fee-et)  Most people say La-FAY-et, like it's spelled.  But it's La-FEE-et. 

3.  Helena, Montana.  (HELL-en-uh)  A lot of people say Hell-AY-nuh.  But the emphasis should be on the first syllable, not the second.

4.  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  (WILKS-Bairy)  The second half is spelled B-A-R-R-E, so a lot of people say Wilks-BAR.  But it's Wilks-BAIRY.

5.  Kissimmee, Florida.  (Kah-SIM-ee)  Some people put the emphasis on the first part, KIH-suh-mee.  But it's Kah-SIM-ee.

6.  Norfolk, Virginia.  (NOR-fik)  It doesn't actually rhyme with the world "folk."  It's NOR-fik . . . or NAW-fik if you want to sound like you're from Virginia.

7.  Spokane, Washington.  (Spo-CAN)  It looks like it's Spo-CANE, but it's Spo-CAN.

8.  Louisville, Kentucky.  (LOO-ih-vull)  A lot of people say "LOUEY-ville."  But there's no hard "E".  So it almost sounds like it's just two syllables . . . LOO-ih-vull.  (Thrillist)

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