Morning Clicks: 3 Things That Caught My Eye

CLICK ONE: This Year's Highest Paid Celebrity Is...DIDDY (Sean Combs or Puffy or Puff Dady)

"Forbes" just released the 'Celebrity 100' . . . its annual list of the top-earning celebrities. This year, it's topped by DIDDY.

That may seem strange since it's been seven years since his last studio album . . . but he makes almost all his money from his other business ventures, like his Sean John clothing line, Ciroc vodka, a sports drink, and a TV network.

And apparently, those things are VERY profitable, because he's banked $130 million over the past year.  That DOES include some music-related money from his Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.

BEYONCÉ is second with earnings of $105 million.  Here's the Top 20:


1.  Diddy, $130 million

 2.  Beyoncé, $105 million

 3.  "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling, $95 million

 4.  Drake, $94 million

 5.  Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo, $93 million

 6.  The Weeknd, $92 million

 7.  Howard Stern, $90 million

 8.  Coldplay, $88 million

 9.  Mystery novelist James Patterson, $87 million

 10.  LeBron James, $86 million

 11.  A tie between Guns N' Roses and Rush Limbaugh, both with $84 million

 13.  Justin Bieber, $83.5 million

 14.  Soccer player Lionel Messi, $80 million

 15.  Dr. Phil McGraw, $79 million

 16.  Ellen DeGeneres, $77 million

 17.  Bruce Springsteen, $75 million

 18.  A tie between Adele and Jerry Seinfeld, both with $69 million

 20.  Mark Wahlberg, $68 million

CLICK TWO: You Can Now Wear a Chest Hair Bathing Suit to the Beach. 

While most women spend money to make sure they DON'T have a stray hair on their body, clothing website Beloved has found a way to celebrate body hair.

The company is now selling a “sexy chest one piece” swimsuit that is imprinted with a realistic hairy torso, and even nipples. “Make the pool boy say "WTF!"' is the slogan for the suit, which features the added  tagline, "Yep - they're real!"

While this may seem like just a novelty swimsuit it actually seems to have a larger message, questioning sexist double standards, where it’s perfectly fine for hairy men to be topless on a beach, while women are  constantly criticized for their choices in swimwear.

Interested? They have three skin tones to choose from- light, medium and dark tones, at a price of $44.95. 


CLICK THREE: Are first-borns more successful?

According to a new study, first-born sons are 24% more likely to work in executive positions than second-born siblings, and 28% more likely than third-born siblings. 

Younger siblings, on the other hand, are more likely to be self-employed. According to the research, the eldest children in the family are also more emotionally stable, outgoing, persistent, and responsible than their younger siblings. 

(NY Post

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