Morning Clicks: 3 Things That Caught My Eye

CLICK ONE: Old Navy’s $1 Flip Flop Sale Will Also Be Available Online This Year!


Old Navy’s annual $1 flip flop sale is on Saturday, June 24th...but fans of the yearly bargain shopping event will be thrilled to know that this year, for the first time, they’re offering the deals online, as well as in stores.

With flip flops this cheap, it’s no surprise that shoppers love this sale. “Customers start asking about the date as early as February,” explains Julie Luker,  director of PR and partnerships at Gap Inc. and Old Navy. Some customers start lining up hours before the doors open, just to make sure they don’t miss those one-day only deals.

Cardholders can actually get the $1 flip flops a week early, in stores only on June 17th...but the following Saturday, the sale is open to anyone and everyone who likes a bargain.  Stores are even opening two hours early, so they’ll open the doors at 7 a.m. on the 24th.

The only downside is there’s a limit of 10 pairs per customer...but if you need more than 10 pair, just bring a shopping buddy to buy some too.

Source: Redbook

CLICK TWO: One More Reason To Get A Dog

A new study found that dog owners walked about 20 minutes more every day – and took 2,760 more steps – than people who didn’t have dogs. (Health          

CLICK THREE: What To Say Instead of "Sorry" in Awkward Work Situations.

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Have you ever kept track of how many times you say "Sorry" throughout the day? If you're anything like me, it's more times than you realize. Many times, people will apologize for things that aren't even their fault.

 There are five different awkward scenarios and how to handle them: 

  • When you’re late for a meeting - Instead of apologizing, say, “thank you so much for your patience. I know your time is valuable, so let’s dive in.”
  • When you need to ask a question - DON’T APOLOGIZE! Say, “here’s my question.”
  • When you don’t like something - Just say you didn’t care for it! It’s not your fault. This is one I'm always apologizing for because I feel bad.
  • When you need to clarify something you said - “Let me clarify...”

Workplace slip-ups totally happen. But knowing how to handle the awkwardness makes all the difference!

Source: Huffington Post

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