List: The Best and Worst States For Summer Road Trips

Road Trip

Almost two-thirds of us are going to take a road trip this summer.  I'd assume most people have already figured out where they're going to go, if not, here ya go. 

The website WalletHub just ranked every state from the best place for a summer road trip to the worst.  They used criteria like gas prices, tolls, quality of the roads, accident rates, attractions, weather and scenery. 

And the top 10 states for road trips are:  

1. Oregon

2. Utah 

3. Washington 

4. North Carolina 

5. Louisiana 

6. Texas 

7. Nevada 

8. Minnesota 

9. California 

10. Colorado



The 10 worst states for road trips are:  

1. Connecticut 

2. Rhode Island  

3. Mississippi  

4. Pennsylvania

5. North Dakota 

6. Delaware 

7. Arkansas 

8. Kansas

9. New Jersey 

10. Montana. 


(PR Newswire / WalletHub)


Amy James


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