The Best Way To Stay Focused At Work

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Studies show that even brief breaks during the day can increase your focus and productivity. 

Here’s how you can take breaks every day: 

1) Step away from the screen. A brisk walk around the block or parking lot is much better for your brain than checking your Facebook feed. 

2) Socialize. Talking to your co-workers will make you much happier about work than sitting at your desk and texting. 

3) Take a break every 52 minutes. Research shows that a break every 52 minutes (or close to that) actually increases your productivity. 

4) Eat. Not mindless eating, but stopping to enjoy a meal (especially one packed with protein) will help feed your mind as well as your stomach. 

5) Just sit and be. Just sitting, turning off your mind and meditating/daydreaming will give your brain the re-charge it needs. 

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