Can Wearing Expensive Gym Clothes Actually Make You Work Out Harder?

If wearing expensive clothes is a key component to having a good work out- I must not be trying very hard. I do have a couple pieces of clothing from the "high-end workout stores" but mostly I wear a hodgepodge of very old clothes that make me look like a sweaty vagrant at the gym or on the trail. 

Researchers polled 2,000 people who hit the gym regularly, and the overwhelming response was . . . YES, those expensive clothes CAN actually help. 79% said wearing "cool" workout clothes really does make them work out harder. (I would definitely be on the other side of this. The clothes don't impact my level of trying in any way.)

If you're just trying to get to the gym more often though, ANY workout clothes can help. 88% of people said just the act of putting on gym clothes is a huge motivator.

In other words, once you put your gym clothes on, you'll probably work out.  Your chances of skipping it at that point are pretty low.

Here are the top five things people said motivate them to KEEP going to the gym . . .

1.  Seeing results. 

2.  Putting on their gym clothes.

3.  Drinking a lot of water during the day.

4.  Having a workout buddy.

5.  Eating healthy. 


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Amy James


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