Today Is Equal Pay Day.

Equal Pay Day marks the date that women working full-time must work to in the new year… to make the same amount that men working full time made the year before. That means, as of today, women had to work 99 days into 2018 to make the same amount that men made by December 31, 2017.

A survey by CareerBuilder finds that while 32% of women in the workplace don’t think they make the same as men in their company, despite similar experience and qualifications, only 12% of men think the  same. The survey also found that women and men have different expectations when it comes to the job.

While 29% of men think they will be promoted to director level or  higher, only 22% of women feel the same way. In addition, 25% of women don’t think they’ll ever get above an entry-level position, while only  9% of men feel the same way.

Those expectations carry over to money as well, with 35% of women saying the don’t expect to make more than $50,000 and only 22% say  they’ll reach a six-figure salary. Comparatively, only 17% of men believe their salary will max out at $50K, while 47% think they’ll make it to six figures.

As for employers' thoughts on the subject, 94% believe there should be equality in pay, although 15% believe female employees in their  organization aren’t currently making the same salary as their male counterparts, and only half think male and female workers are making the same wage. In addition, 82% of employers think there should be some sort of transparency when it comes to salaries.

Source: Business Journals

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