Home Buyers Are Now Considering The "Vibe"!

I couldn't agree with this story more. What's funny is, we bought our house because we fell in love with the property. While I still adore our place, there's so much about our neighborhood that would make it hard to leave. We live right on a trail, can walk to restaurants, bars and a farmer's market, are close to the city and have great neighbors.

We've all heard that when buying a house, the three most important things to consider are “location, location, location,” but what people want from a location depends on the person. 

According to a new Ally Home survey, 88% of Americans say the "vibe" of a neighborhood is a key factor when deciding where to live, with 49% saying it’s very important. What’s more, 80% of adults say their neighborhood has to fit their personality, with 82% saying they’d actually think about moving if they didn’t like their neighborhood, and 73% saying they’d actually take a smaller home or pay more for a house if it was in their perfect neighborhood.


So, what kinds of neighborhoods are most people looking for? Well, 36% are looking for a “Quiet and Quaint” neighborhood, like the one on NBC’s “This is Us,” although more Millennials, 28%, want an area where they can walk to everything, close to reasonably priced bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

Other neighborhoods people look for include:  

  • Ones with ample outdoor space, near trails and farmer's markets (25%)

  • “Family Centric” neighborhoods (21%)

  • Ones near Cultural attractions (15%)

  • Tech-friendly neighborhoods with good cell phone coverage (12%)

  • Upscale urban setting (9%)

Source: Ally Home

Amy James


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