Just Another Reason Not To Double Dip (The Strongest Argument Yet)


This will ruin your Fourth of July BBQ.

All it takes is one double dipper -- just one -- and microbiologists claim you open yourself up to contracting noro-virus, strep and even herpes! 

On a recent episode of British reality show Food Unwrapped, experts claimed that it takes just one person to have contaminated saliva to create a petri dish inside your favorite dip -- especially if it contains sour cream. In just an hour, the bacteria or virus in a contaminated dip can nearly double. It's one thing to double and triple dip when you're at home by yourself, but next time you are hosting a party or you are invited to a party -- steer clear of the chips and dips. 

You never know who might be double dipping! 

(Daily Mail)

Amy James


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