80's Action Figures That Are Now Worth a Lot of Money!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These toys were released in 1987, and depending on the condition and character they could be worth $550-$5,000 today!


Megatron Gun

Today this toy probably wouldn't exist, but hey it was the 80's! Megatron Gun was recalled for obvious reasons, and now it is a rare item!

An original, mint-in-box recently sold at auction for $4,000.

Jem & The Holograms Dolls

Girls in the 80's, were obsessed with these dolls!

If you have one of these in good condition $700+.

U.S.S. Flagg

When released in 1986 this toy was $90, which that's a lot for the 80's! In my opinion. 

If you find a decent condition one, or even a mint-in-box, the price point starts at $1,000 and goes from there.


Michael Jackson ‘Superstar of the 80’s’ doll

It's just what you think.

Good condition dolls may go for $250

G.I. Joe “Breaker”

In 1982 they debuted the 3.75 inch figures, priced at $2. This must be why boys had so many!

If you have one, you can easily get at least $250 for it! 


Sise Fromm (Droids)

These were must have toys in the 80's!

Mint condition? $1,000!

She-Ra and Swiftwind

Mattel came up with He-Man’s cousin, She-Ra and her noble Pegasus horse – Swiftwind. Sold as a combo pack, it was a slam dunk.

If you have the combo set, it's worth $2,000 

1978 Darth Vader

This Darth Vader is notable because of the telescoping lightsaber the came out of his arm. Since it wasn't functional it was discontinued, making it super rare!

If you happen to find one, you could get $6,000 easily.

G.I. Joe Battle Tank

The tanks were launched in 1982, and came with the Steeler figuer, who didn't have bendable elbows, which made it super rare!

If you have an original model, with the steeler, you’re looking at $1,000 worth of “Go Joes!”

Mego Elastic Batman

In the 80's Mego Corporation released a stretchy toy that was a rip-off of Kenner's Stretch Armstrong. They halted production, so these toys are super rare!

The current price is estimated at around $15,000.

A 1978 Luky Skywalker figure

While these aren't rare to find, it's rare to find one unopened!

In a 2015 auction, this exact figure sold for $25,000, and it was part of an entire Star Wars collection that went for a total of $500,000. 

Amy James


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