GirlCrew Is Like Tinder But For Friendships...

I was getting my lashes filled yesterday when the lash artist started talking about this exact thing- making friends as an adult. 

She mentioned how she doesn't have any good girlfriends and would like to change that. This might be a good app for women who feel the same way...


GirlCrew started with Elva Carri of Dublin, Ireland. She wanted to go out dancing one night and none of her friends were available -- so she felt stuck. Instead of just sitting around she logged onto Tinder, changed her sex to Male, and wrote in her profile that she was actually a woman just looking for female friends and didn’t know how to go about meeting people. It worked! She ended up meeting a new friend the next night that she had chatted with on Tinder and had the idea that there should be a friendship app for women just like the popular dating app. 

That’s how GirlCrew was born. It started as a group on Facebook and now it’s an app available in 35 cities worldwide. 

Source: Daily Mail

Amy James


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