Your Old IKEA Furniture Could Be A Valuable Antique Someday

The British auction house Barnebys posted something this month about IKEA re-making an old side table they sold in 1953 called the "Lövbacken".

It only costs $60 on the IKEA website right now.  But they claim it could be worth over SIX GRAND in 20 years.  Not the original . . . they claim the re-production could be worth that much.  Which seems far-fetched.

But apparently lots of people out there collect IKEA stuff.  And some of the original chairs and tables they made in the '50s havesold for over $50,000 before.


The newspaper "The Sun" asked someone at Barnebys how much they think other IKEA stuff might go for in 20 years.  And they came up with a few more estimates.

They claim a $50 side table called the "Ypperlig" could be worth about $650.  A chair called the "Gagnet" that sells for $80 could be worth $1,000.  And an armchair called the "Strandmon" that sells for $250 right now could be worth $1,900.

Don't go blow your paycheck on IKEA crap expecting to retire on it though.  They basically just picked those things at random, and came up with rough estimates for what they MIGHT be worth in 20 years.  There's a much higher chance they'll be worthless and sitting in a landfill somewhere. 

(The Sun)

Amy James


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