Mom's Strongly Worded Sign WORKED To Make Drivers to Slow Down!

A mom who was tired of drivers speeding down the road in her town and decided to take a stand. She came up with her own creative sign to slow them down. In a post on Netmums, the anonymous parent writes that cars “absolutely rocket through” on what’s supposed to be a 30 mph limit street and she’s afraid a child is going to get seriously hurt.

Instead of just complaining about it, she took matters into her own hands.

The mom explains that she printed and mounted “alternative signage” and stuck it to a bridge, in plain view of all the speeders. The large sign is a photo of a child holding up a sign that reads: “Slow down d**khead.” Even though it includes a word that makes some shutter, she doesn’t care and says it actually worked and that “cars were slowing down significantly.”

Click HERE to see the full sign.

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