The "Right" Age for Life Milestones

Growing up, we have this idea about what our future will look like, and a lot of people set expectations for big life events to happen by a certain age. A new survey reveals what most people feel is the "right" age for big life milestones, like getting married, having a kid, etc...

According to a survey by H&R Block, the average ages people expect certain huge milestones to be reached, include:

  • Get married – 26
  • Start a family – 27
  • Buy a home – 29
  • Expand family – 30
  • Reach financial independence – 32
  • Build a forever home – 37
  • Feel the most content – 38
  • Retire - 63

If you haven’t come close to reaching these milestones by that age, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The survey notes that 49% of respondents say their financial issues have kept them from reaching these milestones by these ideal ages.


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