You Should Have 100K Saved By This Age

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According to businessman and Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary, you should have $100,000 saved by the time you’re 33.

Why 33?

According to O’Leary, 33 is the point in people’s lives when they need to focus on saving money, and if they don’t start saving, they’ll fall behind. 100K by 33 seems pretty ambitious, to say the least … especially considering that 57% of Americans don't even have $1,000 saved, according to a 2018 study by

But O’Leary says anyone can do it if they start saving early enough. "I'll tell you how: You save 20% of your paycheck and you let the market grow at 5% to 7% a year [and] you can get to a $100,000," O'Leary says.


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